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What is the clicker? Positive Dog Training

Has your furry friend ever performed an action that you love, that is exactly what you wanted from him, but you have never been able to do it? The development of a common language between human and furry is a necessity; Precisely this tool will help us to develop it.

What is the clicker?

The clicker is a small button that makes a sound. In a more mundane way, it is a small box with a button that makes a "click" when pressed. Hence the name.

I imagine that knowing that the clicker is a little box with a button won't tell you much. Well, let's get to it, what is the clicker for? The clicker is a behavior reinforcer. The objective is that every time the dog hears the "click" he understands that he has done something well. We will be able to say to our furry friend: "hey, that's great what you just did."

And this behavior reinforcer helps us in two ways. On the one hand, it would be a substitute for treats (food is still a positive reinforcement of behavior) and on the other, we can reward our dog's spontaneous behavior.

Imagine you are in the park. Your dog is loose and a few meters away from you. Suddenly, a puppy appears and jumps on your pet because he wants to play. Your dog sits and patiently endures the little one. You have noticed that detail and you feel like telling him "that attitude is great, I love that you share yourself like that!"

Even if you ran out to give him a treat, it would be too late. Your little dog wouldn't understand the message. If in that situation you had had a clicker, when you saw his good behavior you would only have to press the button to reward him.

Surely now you better understand the possibilities that the clicker offers you in training a furry dog. In addition, and also very important, with the use of this reinforcer you also strengthen communication with your pet. It will help you understand better, with all the advantages that this entails. Of course, never forget that the best relationship you can have with a furry friend is one based on affection.


Exactly within our online store we manage the clicker, we make national and international shipments. IMPORTANT: Only use the clicker if you are confident in its use and modes, otherwise it can be harmful to your furry friend.

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